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Panel Jack

Strong, Safe, Ajustable, Versatile and Lightweight

The Reechcraft Panel jack system is strong, safe, adjustable, versatile and lightweight. The Panel Jack bracing system allows me to provide my customer with a straight, plumb true wall. In addition, your service has been outstanding. Your knowledge and expertise has been helpful on several occasions. You provided advice from how best to brace tall walls, to how best to divide our bracing budget. Also, when I needed a large order of braces, with less than a week's notice, you had them delivered in five days. Thanks

Richard Barker, PolySteel of Northern Utah

ReechCraft Panel Jack ReechCraft Panel Jack ReechCraft Panel Jack ReechCraft Panel Jack

Easy-to-install extentions make the Panel Jack versatile enough for use on walls of any height, while the system's overall design allows users to dial in their forms straight and plumb with just a twist of the telescope brace, for added accuracy.

With an tempered aluminum strongback, the Panel Jack is lightweight yet durable enough for any job. The 8-foot Pro System weighs in at a trim 42 pounds and is compact enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck. The Panel Jack’s rugged construction has been designed to exceed the performance demands of today’s new construction, decorating and remodeling professionals. For use inside and out, the Panel Jack will save you time and money on your next ICF construction project.