Q: What is a PowerLift?

A: The PowerLift is an ultra-light and strong push around lift, making this the most portable powered lift available for indoor and outdoor use.

Q: What is PowerTrak™ Technology?

A: PowerTrak™ Technology is a patented drive system which features a specially designed gearbox coupled to a replaceable steel track.

Q: Is the PowerLift an aerial work platform (AWP)?

A: Yes, the PowerLift can also be known as an AWP, or as a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP), meeting the respective standards for that category of equipment in the various markets ReechCraft serves.

Q: What safety standards does the PowerLift comply with?

A: We have unique PowerLift models for each of these markets: ANSI A92.3 for US, CSA B354.1-04 for Canada, EN280 for Europe and AS 1418.10-2011 for Australia/New Zealand.

Q: Will cordless drills work?

A: Yes, many people enjoy the convenience of using a cordless drill. However, a corded drill provides more power and speed.

Q: What do I do if I lose power or my battery dies?

A: A manual crank is provided inside the basket to manually lower the unit. It is recommended to keep an extra battery while operating the PowerLift.

Q: Can I use additional masts to go higher?

A: No, it will no longer comply with the current safety standards.

Q: How much does the PowerLift weigh?

A: As different models may vary please refer to the specifications page.

Q: Does the lift mechanism have a fail-safe or clutch system?

A: Yes, the gearbox has a back drive brake and an overload clutch.

Q: Are replacement parts available?

A: Absolutely, contact your local dealer or ReechCraft directly.

Q: Are there any inspection and maintenance requirements?

A: Yes, the process is simple and easy. Please refer to your users manual.

Q: What is the warranty of the PowerLift?

A: 1 year warranty on parts.

Q: How do I get answers to questions that are not in the FAQs on this page?

A: You can contact us via phone at 888-600-6160, email at info@reechcraft.com or on our Contact Us website page.


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