ReechCraft PowerMast

PowerMast Components

Wondering what you need for the PowerMast? Choose one of the accessories below and learn more. The variation of PowerMast accessories and components can help you adapt to any project on your to-do list.

Stacking Masts

The PowerMast mast sections feature a quick tools-free connection to ensure efficiency and safety while stacking masts. Each mast ensures that each connection is locked in place before the climbing unit will raise. Stacking masts are available in 58 in. or 32 in. mast connections.

Click image and drag to left or right to view PowerMast Mast Section in action.

PowerMast Climbing Unit

The PowerMast Climbing Unit features a gearbox with overload clutch, overspeed break and drop stop lever. The PowerMast Platform Support fastens to the climbing unit with four quick locking pins and can accommodate most platforms and rail systems.

Click image and drag to left or right to rotate the climbing unit.

PowerMast Adjustable Tie

The PowerMast Adjustable Tie provides a wide variety of attachment options for the PowerMast system and secure masts from 6 in. to 16 in. away from the wall.

Click image and drag to left or right to view PowerMast in action.

PowerMast Base Foot

The PowerMast Base Foot uses the same quick connection as the masts. While providing a bottom stop for the climbing unit, this base also can be anchored to the ground surface.

Click image and drag to left or right to view PowerMast Base Foot in action.

PowerMast 6 ft Platform Basket

The 6 ft Platform Basket can be used in the original PowerMast setup and works great for a wall mounted set-up as well as a Free Standing option. The basket can fit two people comfortably and is lightweight and easily accessible.


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