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Efficient. Fast. Compact.
Our PowerMast provides fast setup and fast access for exterior building work up to 200 ft, making it ideal for tuck pointing, water proofing, masonry restoration and more. The PowerMast offers stable access at the range and scale of traditional scaffolds, but with the quick ascent ability of mast climbers.
Rise Above the Competition
Works with swing stages and walkboards
  • 20-40 FPM mast climbing speed
  • Customs available for tight spaces
  • Height adjustable while in use
  • 1,500 lb weight capacity
Fast Setup, Fast Access
  • 15-minute twin mast setup
  • Erected from ground up, unlike swing stage
  • Powered by 1/2 in. 8 amp electric drill
  • Tools-free mast assembly
Easy Transport
  • Fits in back of truck/van
  • Aluminum mast sections
  • Stackable mast sections
  • Compact and stable base plate
All the Best Parts of All the Best Lifts
PowerMast rises above the competition of other exterior building work lifts.
Access Equipment
Swing Stage
Mast Climber
Setup Time Best, twin system assembles in 15 min. Fair Good Fair Poor
Portability Best, fits in back of truck or van Good Fair Fair Fair
Accessing Tight Spots Best, custom baskets offered as small as 36 in. x 26 in. Good Fair Fair Fair
Adjustability Best, easily powered by corded drill to be eye level at all times Fair Fair Fair Poor
Fast Setup, Fast Access
Our design makes your job easier.
Tools-Free Mast Connection

Designed to save time and allow height adjusting while in use. Each mast’s coupler system allows the PowerMast to move only when sections are fully attached.


Our gearbox means the only thing you need to power the PowerMast is an electric drill, unlike complicated atrium lifts or mast climbers.

Adjustable Tie

Provides a wide variety of attachment options for the PowerMast system. This means the PowerMast can adapt quickly to new walls. Note: extra extension tubes can be made to extend further.

Base Foot

Uses the same fast connection as the masts, while offering a bottom stop for the climbing unit. The base can also be anchored to the ground, providing more stability than swing stages.

Platform and Basket

Easy-to-attach and compatible with 30 in. modular deck or railed walkboards. The 6 ft platform basket can fit two people more comfortably than typical atrium lifts. Also works smoothly as a freestanding option.

Climbing Unit

Features a gearbox with overload clutch, overspeed brake and drop-stop lever for safety unmatched by scaffolds and other lifts.

Platform Support

Fastens to the climbing unit with four, quick-locking pins. It’s adjustable to accommodate most platforms and rail systems.

Compact Design
Helping you on the job and to the job.
An entire PowerMast system can fit onto a single pallet when disassembled.
Easy Transport
The PowerMast collapses small enough to fit in the back of a van or truck!
Reaches Tight Spaces
ReechCraft offers custom baskets as small as 36 in. x 26 in.
Efficient Freestanding System
Note: Twin Tri-Mast system shown above.
Quick Attachment
Four mast attachment locations.
PowerMast has Four quick mast attachment locations.
Swiveling Outriggers
Outriggers are adjustable.
PowerMast outriggers are adjustable.
Casters for easy positioning.
PowerMast Casters for easy positioning indoors.
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Mike Scharnell
VER Sales Inc.

PowerMast can easily wrap around corners. The ability to wrap around a corner is accomplished very nicely with ReechCraft’s PowerMast.