The PowerMast is great for mid to high access needs, offering unmatched portability and simplicity for a wide variety of wall access needs, up to 200+ ft. The tools-free mast assembly is not only easy to put together and connect, it is so compact that a 100 ft twin system can fit in the back of your truck or van! Use a Single Mast or a Twin Mast system, depending on what components you need for your project. This product is compatible with up to 30 in. modular deck or railed walk boards.

More PowerMast Info

When the PowerMast system is anchored to a structure for support, this is known as a "tied" configuration. Being tied allows for the fewest number of components and the maximum Height of 200 ft. See specifications page for more information.


When no structure is available or it is undesirable to anchor to a structure, the PowerMast system can stand without being tied, also known as "freestanding." The optional freestanding tri-mast base has adjustable outriggers and a 3 mast arrangement to provide the necessary support to reach 32 ft outdoors or over 50 ft indoors. See specifications page for more information.