The PowerPole can help you get your equipment between buildings, on rooftops or around landscaping. The time for worrying about the logistics of getting equipment to the job site and in place is over.

More PowerPole Info

With incomparable set-up costs, portability, lift-to-weight ratio and a landscape-friendly design, ReechCraft's PowerPole works at the ideal height and can help you reach tight spots. Whether you’re installing siding, roofing or windows, the PowerPole's modular design can help you get the job done safely and quickly. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for hard-to-reach spaces between buildings and on rooftops. Save money and time: order the PowerPole for your next project. Choose a base, choose the ties and choose a platform style and configuration to get started.


Each PowerPole system requires a 10 in. x 10 in. base and a PowerPole Climbing Unit powered by a 1/2 in. drill. The PowerPole Climbing Unit provides all the capacity needed to lift workers, tools and materials into position. Each climbing unit has the following:
  • Gearbox
  • Drill Brace
  • Manual Lowering Crank
Build your own system by bolting on your choice of Platform Supports and Accessories for a wide variety of tasks.