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Exterior Renovations in Greater DC

Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We are excited to share our product highlights and tips with you so that you can take full advantage of our American-made products. Today, we’re eager to tell you how East Coast Rigging used PowerMast to overcome obstacles on an exterior renovation in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metro Area.


East Coast Rigging (ECR) is a family-owned and operated company with a strong dedication to hard work, dependability and customer service. As a premier scaffold installation, rental and sales provider, ERC offers safe, quality installations to a wide variety of contractors. Because of their reputation for reliability and strict safety guidelines, ERC has been contractors’ top-choice scaffold provider for over 25 years.


East Coast Rigging had a customer tasked with repairing two 10-year-old multi-family complexes in Herndon, VA. Moisture had become a problem within the exterior walls of the buildings. To repair the damage caused by the moisture, they needed to install new interior insulation, a vapor barrier, and new siding. The crew had numerous obstacles to work around including pools, courtyards, pitched roofs and power lines. A swing stage was not cost-effective due to the lower height of the building. Additionally, a boom lift was not a great option due to high rental rates and site access limitations.


East Coast Rigging, being very knowledgeable in the scaffolding industry, knew that our PowerMast would be the most cost-effective access solution for this job. The setup was fast and easy, requiring a crew of only two workers to efficiently install the twin PowerMast systems. With limited access around the pools and landscaping, the team easily accessed the buildings by using PowerMast. Plus, they avoided the unpleasant look and lengthy, labor-intensive install and teardown of more traditional scaffolding.


ReechCraft Territory Manager, Will Oliver, visited the jobsite to view the repair progress. He received a great amount of positive feedback regarding the ease of setup and use. Workers were impressed that the system was powered by a drill, making it very straightforward and simple to operate. Justice, a contractor on the site, said that PowerMast was the perfect solution inside the courtyards and was very efficient to use on the long exterior runs. Thanks to the Reechcraft PowerMast, this crew was able to complete the job safely, and in a timely manner!

Thanks to East Coast Rigging and Will Oliver for contributing the information and images used in this message!

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Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We strive to find new access solutions to meet the needs of every craftsman. If you have questions about any of our American-made products, have a custom application, want to place an order or would like additional information about our dealer program, give us a call at (888) 600-6160 or fill out our online contact form.

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