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ReechCraft PowerMast Saves Valuable Space and Time

Many projects have strict space limitations and time constraints that other mast climbers and scaffolding systems just cannot accommodate. Read how the space-saving ReechCraft PowerMast allowed this company to complete their project easily within the required timeframe.

Third-Generation Family Business

Dan Lepore & Sons is a third-generation business composed of three divisions—stone construction, unit masonry construction, and masonry restoration. Donato Lepore, his sons Dominic and Eugene, and Julius Tarsi, Sr. founded the company in 1945. It remains a family business to this day, with members of the Lepore and Tarsi families continuing to play a direct role in current projects.

Image by Justin Waits via Flickr.

Recovering from Hurricane Damage

In 2021, Lepore was contracted to repair the devastating damages caused by flooding from Hurricane Ida at the Reading High School in Reading, PA. Built in 1925, the historic school is known as the “Castle on the Hill” to locals. In order to preserve the building, a large amount of exterior and interior restoration had to be done. Lepore needed a fast and safe access solution that could span a large portion of the building’s exterior all at once to complete this job.

A Lightweight and Efficient Solution

The ReechCraft PowerMast offered an excellent solution to Lepore’s access problem. It allowed for fast setup and teardown times, and also required minimal space in order to install the system. An added benefit is that the PowerMast is built using lightweight yet durable aluminum and steel components that can be carried to the jobsite if needed. In fact, a 100-foot twin system can easily fit into the back of a cargo van, making storage a non-issue. Lepore’s crew used four twin PowerMast systems up to 45 feet to access the exterior of the school.

Special thanks to the team at Lepore for sharing their story and project with us!

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