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Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Trends in the lift industry are continuously adapting and changing as new technology arrives and is implemented. Recent introductions of larger capacity lithium-ion batteries, along with emissions restrictions, has changed how we use products in our daily life.

Equipment that previously required a constant electric source or a heavy engine are now being powered by lithium-ion batteries; this includes machines like lawn mowers, concrete saws, and jackhammers. As these emissions-free tools become more readily available, both dealers and end users are considering these items in new ways.

The lift industry has also been adapting to this trend. We are now seeing lifts that are lithium-ion compatible, or run completely off these long-lasting batteries. There are also companies using remote control technology, such as Bluetooth, to power commercial equipment from a distance or remote location.

ReechCraft is already using lithium-ion technology! Our innovative PowerLift can be powered by a tool most craftsmen already have in their tool box—a simple drill! We recommend investing in a good quality brand like Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita. We also suggest a 5ah battery for the longest run time. Whether you opt for a cordless lithium-ion drill, or a corded version, PowerLift will help you work smarter, not harder.

Curious why ReechCraft uses a drill and gearbox to power our machines rather than an internal motor? Click the button below to read a whole blog about it!

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