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Practical. Portable. Smart.

The ReechCraft PowerLift personal portable lift takes you to new heights for indoor facility maintenance. That’s because, unlike traditional ladders and scissor lifts, no matter what tight spaces or uneven surfaces you need to work on, our portable PowerLift gets the job done.

Go Where Others Can’t

Finally: a practical lift for tight spaces.


  • Stable at all heights
  • 350 lb platform capacity
  • Reaches up to 30 ft working height
  • Complies with ANSI and OSHA safety standards

Smart Design

  • Powered by electric drill
  • Masts stow and also stack for quick extension
  • Outriggers adjust to accommodate work surface
  • Parts offered for specific access challenges


  • Zero-turn radius
  • Rolls across any terrain
  • One person can carry up stairs when disassembled
  • Fits through standard doors

Mechanics That Make Sense

Mechanics That Make Sense

Stowable Mast Section

Mast extensions stow alongside basket for quick vertical changes during use. Individual mast design makes the PowerLift personal portable lift maintenance easier and less expensive than traditional scissor lifts.

Dual-Access Platform

Single person platform can be entered from multiple directions and removed for transport.

Transport Tires

Flat-free, 12 in. transport tires make the PowerLift portable on uneven terrain, curbs, and steps.

Caster Wheels

Non-marking, locking caster wheels help precisely maneuver the PowerLift and make it easier to be pushed by one person.

Gear Box

Our gearbox means the only thing you need to power the PowerLift is any electric drill. The gearbox also features an integrated overspeed brake, which automatically stops the platform in case of accidental overspeed.

Coupler System

Makes attaching vertical mast sections fast. Lock levels prevent platform movement until masts are fully coupled.

Outrigger Pads

Adjusts to tight spaces and also uneven surfaces. Designed to be easy on finished floors.

Stowable Masts

Stowable Mast Sections
Mast extensions are conveniently stowed alongside the basket. Adding, removing and stowing mast sections takes only seconds.

Exclusive Tech

Exclusive Technology
ReechCraft ‘s Integrated OverSpeed Braking System automatically stops the platform in the event of overspeed.

Customize To Any Height

Customize for Any Height
Specially designed coupler system allows for quick and easy attachment of extensions.

Easy To Adjust

Easy To Adjust
Easy-to-adjust outrigger pads fit in tight spaces.

Easy To Transport

Easy To Transport
12 in. flat-free transport tires allow easy movement across uneven terrain, curbs and steps.

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels
Four non-marking, locking caster wheels on the main carriage make maneuvering the PowerLift easy.

PowerLift PL65 Simple. Safe. Secure.

A practical 3-in-1 lift that makes reaching difficult places easy in schools, churches, auditoriums, theaters, offices, and more.

The PL65 complies with ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

PowerLift PL65 Base Options

PL65 + Fixed Base
Working height up to 25 ft
Small Footprint
The stable fixed base has an incredibly small footprint. This makes it perfect for working in tight areas where typical lifts cannot be set up.
PL65 + Outrigger Base
Working height up to 25 ft
Quick + Easy Setup
The classic outrigger base with adjustable pads quickly and easily creates a stable foundation, even on the most difficult surfaces.
PL65 + Straddle Base
Working height up to 30 ft
Work Over Any Obstacle
The straddle base is a versatile option for a wide variety of jobs. With this setup, working over obstacles like theater seats or church pews is no problem.

Highly Portable


Easy elevation
Stacking mast sections allow the PowerLift to be customized to any work height up to the regional standard. Adding, removing, and stowing vertical mast sections takes seconds.


Easy to maneuver
Transport wheels also make the PowerLift easy to move by a single person, even up stairs. Additionally, four swiveling caster wheels make it even more portable.


Simple to operate
The PowerLift fits in tight spaces better than scissor lifts. One person can operate also, making it great for businesses, schools, and rental applications.
Mike Scharnell
VER Sales Inc.

PowerLift performs perfectly! We had a major client invite us to a trial along with other Aerial Work Platforms. PowerLift performed perfectly with 27 “solves” out of 27 tests. No other AWP at any price performed as well.

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