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Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We are excited to share our product highlights and tips with you so that you can take full advantage of our American-made products. Today, we’re eager to tell you how PowerMast helped Beyond Construction install siding over a 60 ft cliff over Lake Champlain, with the help of Naylor & Breen.


One Lakeview is a new 4-story, 43-unit apartment building in Burlington, Vermont. This multi-unit building, set to open later this year, is perched on a cliff overlooking Lake Champlain. Naylor & Breen acted as General Contractor for this project, which is being developed by Redstone. For this project, Naylor & Breen worked with Beyond Construction for a very challenging siding installation.


Naylor & Breen, a Construction Management and General Construction contractor in business since 1978, has extensive experience working with complex projects. This job, however, posed special challenges. The building is situated over a cliff, with a 60 foot drop-off on the back side. This made siding installation very difficult, and potentially even dangerous. Naylor & Breen knew that the cost and time to install, use and remove traditional scaffolding would be in excess of what was manageable for this project. In addition, being on the east side of a large lake, the site is susceptible to high winds, making a swing stage with roof rigging risky. There had to be another way!


Naylor & Breen had used PowerMast on a previous project, and they knew it was the perfect solution for this project because it can work where other products and machines cannot. I-beams were installed along the back side of the building to serve as a base for the masts. Then, using a crane, a 40 foot modular swing stage was lifted over the building and attached to the mast climbers. To ensure worker safety, Will Oliver, Territory Manager for ReechCraft, held a 2-day training seminar at the jobsite with employees from Beyond Construction.


As predicted, PowerMast was perfect for this application! PowerMast provided a safe working environment with the windy, steep conditions. Siders were able to complete their job in an efficient, timely manner. Bret Erickson, owner of Beyond Construction, was extremely happy with PowerMast’s versatility and ease of use, as well as the training that Will provided.

Many thanks to Naylor & Breen, Bret Erickson and our Territory Manager, Will, for sharing their pictures and story with us!

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Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We strive to find new access solutions to meet the needs of every craftsman. If you have questions about any of our American-made products, have a custom application, want to place an order or would like additional information about our dealer program, give us a call at (888) 600-6160 or fill out our online contact form.

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