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ReechCraft PowerMast
Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the PowerMast lift?

The lifting capacity for each PowerMast climbing unit is 750 lbs per single mast or 1,500 lbs per twin system.

How high can the PowerMast go?

The maximum height of the PowerMast is 200 ft.

What platforms can I use?

PowerMast is designed to accept most modular platforms and walkboards that are commonly in use.

Have the twin mast drills been synchronized so they go up and down at the same time?

Because we utilize less costly and easily replaceable drill motors for power, each climbing unit must be operated independently. However, since there are generally at least two workers on a twin system who can operate both ends at the same time, synchronization is rarely an issue.

What is the maximum space to have between two masts?

When the combined weight of the platform, people, and materials weighs 1,500 lbs or less, the maximum space can be as wide as the plank in use.

How much time is required to set PowerMast up?

An experienced person can assemble a 100 ft single mast system in one to two hours.

What is the pull out force of each tie?

The pull out force is 750 lbs per tie.

What fuels the PowerMast?

The PowerMast is equipped with a gearbox and is powered by a corded drill.

Can I use my cordless drill?

Cordless drills are recommended for emergency descent only.

What kind of drill works the best for the PowerMast and PowerPole?

We recommend 8-9 amp, corded, 0.5 in. drills with a keyed chuck and an RPM of 2500-3500. These higher amperage drills are typically hammer drills, which are readily available at local hardware stores. However, do not use the hammer mode when when drilling on a PowerMast, as it may cause premature wear to the system.

Can the drills on a twin system be operated by one person?

No. Each climbing unit must be operated independently.

Can one person set up the PowerMast?

Yes, but two people are recommended for a more efficient install.

What are the safety features of the PowerMast system?

Each climbing unit is equipped with a lock lever and overspeed brake.

What should the spacing be for the ties?

It depends on the configuration.  See PowerMast specifications for more information.

Do you provide training?

We have training materials and support available: just call 888-600-6160.

What happens if the gearbox fails?

The PowerMast is equipped with an overspeed brake, which stops descent in case of system overspeed. In addition, PowerMast has a lock lever, which is a safety mechanism that stops the downward travel of the system when released.

How long does the gearbox last?

The life of the gearbox depends on usage and maintenance. With proper upkeep, we’ve seen gearboxes last longer than 10 years without any significant maintenance. All components like bearings and gears are easy to replace as needed, allowing the gearbox to be used for the life of the product.

If I unintentionally overload the PowerMast and attempt to go up, will I damage anything in the gearbox?

No. Each gearbox is equipped with an overload clutch, designed to clutch out in overload situations. The PowerMast will not move if loaded beyond the capability of the system.

How do I get answers to questions that are not in the FAQs on this page?

Please contact us via phone at 888-600-6160, email at, or on our Contact Us website page.

Mike Scharnell
VER Sales Inc.

PowerMast can easily wrap around corners. The ability to wrap around a corner is accomplished very nicely with ReechCraft’s PowerMast.

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