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Uneven Terrain? No Problem!

At ReechCraft, one of the things we take pride in is our products’ abilities to get you access to areas where other lifts can’t. That’s why all our products can be used on uneven surfaces.

Our PowerPole offers an optional outrigger system. The outrigger has two adjustable legs with a maximum adjustment of 8 inches. With the use of the outrigger, you can work at heights up to 24 ft. without needing to tie into the structure.

Similarly, the base on our Freestanding PowerMast has four adjustable outriggers (one on each corner) to solve the uneven terrain problem. And, our PowerMast Quad has a sophisticated outrigger and leveling system to ensure safety, even when at the maximum 80 ft working height!

In addition, our PowerLift has four outriggers, plus a bubble level to maintain stability. But, we’ve also added new features to our PowerLift PL65 so that it can tackle even more extreme surfaces. Our straddle base option for the PL65 can be used in an auditorium setting, with a slanted or stepped floor and with seats in the way, all while maintaining a level platform!

Finally, our Bronco is our most rugged and versatile product for small-scale use. This is because its three, individually adjustable legs help it easily make a level surface on even the roughest ground conditions.

These features make ReechCraft products an excellent choice for customers looking for all-around versatile access solutions!

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Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We strive to find new access solutions to meet the needs of every craftsman. If you have questions about any of our American-made products, have a custom application, want to place an order or would like additional information about our dealer program, give us a call at (888) 600-6160 or fill out our online contact form.

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